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Working With Millennials in Commercial Real Estate

By: Greg Milopoulos and Jonathan Thiel

Much has been said about Millenials, the newest generation of workers born in the 1980s and 1990s, yet we’re often misunderstood. We bring many assets to the workforce and to the commercial real estate industry, and much like other generational shifts that came before us, we’re changing the face of business. Whether we’re representing you in a commercial real estate transaction, or working alongside you at a brokerage or property management firm, here’s what you need to know about working with Millennials.

Work Ethic: Starting our careers during one of the worst recessions in U.S. history has led us to become determined workers willing to prove our worth to employers and clients alike. While studies show that Millennials seek work/life balance and flexibility, we’re also accountable, goal oriented and dedicated to succeeding.

Team Players: We were raised to value group learning and are connected to our peers in ways unimaginable just a generation ago. We seek out opportunities to partner with our colleagues and learn from mentors.  According to a 2013 research study conducted by consulting firm PwC, the University of Southern California and the London Business School, “Millennials place a high priority on workplace culture and desire a work environment that emphasizes teamwork and a sense of community.”

Adaptable: We embrace new experiences and are willing to learn all sides of the business. In the ever-changing world of commercial real estate, we’re able to quickly respond to the market and adopt new skills, tactics and best practices to sell and lease space and help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Motivated: Young commercial real estate brokers are motivated. We’re willing to follow up on every call and every lead, even the long shots. While most senior real estate brokers have already built their book of business, we are eager to acquire new clients and are willing to go the extra mile to secure new opportunities and develop our career.

Creative Thinkers: We bring new ideas and fresh thinking to the table. Known for being critical thinkers who look at situations from all angles, Millennials have boundless imagination. During brainstorming sessions, we’re willing to explore all ideas and not let past experiences hamper new possibilities.

Knack for Marketing: Complementing the range of services and depth of expertise offered by our more senior counterparts, young commercial real estate brokers are able to tap into innate digital skills and utilize the latest technologies available today to aggressively market properties to new audiences.

Colleagues, clients and mentors should take advantage of the synergistic opportunity for success that’s created when the viewpoints of veteran executives are paired with the unique traits of young commercial real estate brokers, who are helping to lead the way into the future for business people of all ages.

Greg Milopoulos is a broker associate at Berger Commercial Realty and has more than seven years of commercial real estate and construction experience. Milopoulos handles industrial and office leasing for the firm and can be reached at 954-358-0900 or Jonathan Thiel is a sales associate at Berger Commercial Realty, where he handles leasing and sales of office, retail and industrial properties. He can be reached 954-358-0900 or

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