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550 S. Andrews Avenue, Suite 400, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Steve Hyatt

(Senior Vice President)

Intro: Welcome to another Berger Bite!

Steve Hyatt: In South Florida, land is fairly scarce as we are only about 15 miles wide and about 20 miles long in Broward County. The things to consider when buying a piece of land are: first and foremost, the zoning of the property to make sure you can actually build what you want to build on it or if you need to have it rezoned. Second thing, you to think about is “ingress” and “egress”, if they're proper roadways that allow you to access the property. Third thing to consider is what's going on in the immediate neighborhood, is your use going to be compatible with the current use of the land as well as the future planned use that the city or county or whatever the municipality is requiring for that area. Lastly, you want to determine the environmental condition of the property. Very important in South Florida that you have the soil tested. Some clients I have will not even buy a piece of property without an invasive soil test to determine if there's any contamination on the property. Land, as I said, it's very scarce; it's a valuable commodity here in South Florida. If you would like any assistance in evaluating properties for potential purpose, particularly land, please call me at Berger Commercial Realty, Steve Hyatt, 9546522005. Thank you very much.

Outro: Founded in 1998, Berger Commercial provides client-centric third party brokerage, property management, and receivership services throughout the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Contact us to experience the power of market knowledge. For more Berger Bites, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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