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What will be done to market my property if I list it for sale?

First of all, I'd like to start out with an honest assessment of the property. What's the value of the property? What's the positive and negatives? Who are the likely buyers or the likely tenants to go into that building? From there, I like to create a custom marketing plan for each property. I use the funnel approach. The final approach is, how do I get the most number of eyeballs on that piece of property? Is it a broker type thing, where you have to blast it out to a number of brokers? Is it a user building? Is it somebody in the very same neighborhood where this property is? What does that funnel look like, and how do you fill it, to get to that property?

From there, obviously, we use a number of Internet-based tools. CoStar, LoopNet, et cetera. We also have our TCN network. These days, we obviously put signs and custom marketing packages together, but the days of just being able to slap a sign on the property and expect the phone to ring are over. You have to go after those specifically targeted tenants on a regular basis. That's the best way and most proven technique that I've found over the years in the business.