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What is free rent in a commercial lease?

Who pays the property taxes on a commercial space?

Who pays for changes needed to the layout, new walls, and electrical work in a leased space?

What services does a commercial property manager provide?

What markets does Berger Commercial Realty serve?

What is the difference between useable square feet and rentable square feet?

What is the best way to select a commercial real estate broker?

What is Berger Commercial Realty’s full range of services?

To get started in search for commercial space what do I need to provide to the commercial real estate broker?

I've heard of Triple Net or NNN leased properties for sale what type of investment is that?

Is it enough that my commercial real estate broker reviewed my lease for me?  Do I need to have an attorney look at it?

If I am a tenant why do I need a commercial real estate broker?

How are lease rates quoted for commercial property?      

A lease rate is stated as $10.00 PSF. What does that mean?

Why should I check the zoning on a property before signing a lease?

Who pays for tenant improvements?

When or is there a opportune time to do exterior and/or interior improvements to the common areas of my property?

What type of inspections should be completed during a due diligence period when buying a commercial property?

What's the difference between a leasing agent and a tenant representative?

What is the term of a commercial lease generally?

What is the difference between ceiling height and clear ceiling height?

What is rentable square feet?

What is percentage rent in a retail lease?

What is hold over rent in a commercial lease?

What is grade level loading?

What is free rent in a commercial lease?

What is dock high loading?

What is considered an industrial property?

What is a "vanilla box" in a retail center?

What is a Phase II Environmental survey?

What is a Phase I Environmental survey?

What is a parking ratio?

What is an estoppel certificate and why is this necessary in the purchase of commercial real estate property?

What is an environmental site assessment?

What is a letter of intent?

What is a holdover tenant?

What is a full service lease?

What is a finish out allowance?

What is a due diligence period in a commercial real estate contract?

What do I do if I want to buy or lease property?

What does it mean when the advertised lease rate for an office states that it is net of electric?

What distinguishes Class A, Class B and Class C office space?

What commercial property listing services will my property appear if I list with Berger Commercial Realty?

What are tenant improvements?

What are some of the mistakes people make when searching for commercial property?

What are rules and regulations in a commercial lease?

What are CAM charges?

Should a purchaser and seller of commercial property use a letter of intent?

Now that I hired a broker what should I expect from him or her?

I told the broker that I just wanted to move a wall in the space the broker said it wasn't that easy why?

If I am buying commercial real property, do I need an environmental site assessment?

How much does it cost to hire a broker?

How long should I sign a commercial property lease for?

How is the commission calculated on a lease?

How does Berger Commercial Realty charge for property management services?

How can using a broker help me if I am looking for space to lease?

How can using a broker help me if I am looking for space to buy?

How are commercial real estate brokers compensated?

Does a property manager make recommendations as to what repairs or improvements I need for my commercial property?

Can you provide an estimate of what my commercial building is worth today?

As a landlord why would I want to give a tenant free rent instead of a lower rental rate when leasing office, retail, or warehouse space?